IDP (Pneumatic Pipe Beveling Machine)

Short Description:

The beveling machine is divided into internal expansion type and external clamp type. It is mainly used for the processing of the broken and flat surface of the metal pipe end face with different angle requirements. It can be processed into U, V and other geometric shapes according to requirements.

Product Detail

The internal expansion type pneumatic pipe beveling machine is used for the beveling of the end of the pipe. Its expansion structure is fixed on the inner wall of the pipe. Its advantage is that it can be automatically positioned and centered, and it can be quickly and easily installed. It is widely used in pipeline installation projects and emergency repair operations in petrochemical, natural gas, boilers, nuclear power, etc., and has won unanimous praise at home and abroad.


1. It can process bevels and flats in large quantities quickly, with long life and stable quality.

2. Completely cold cut, suitable for beveling of various materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

3. Easy and fast installation, automatic center alignment (in-pipe expansion type)

4. It is suitable for the processing of grooves, chamfers and flat joints of various V-shaped and U-shaped welds, and also suitable for convex flanges and flat flanges after welding.

5. The range of pipe diameter varies greatly, and a single device can meet the needs of a wide range of pipe diameters

6. The bevel angle can be selected arbitrarily (0-45 degrees)

7. Lightweight and easy to carry

8. Diversified drive, electric and pneumatic drive

9. The design structure can be divided into T, Y, II type.

Drive mode:

Pneumatic: It is driven by a pneumatic motor, the air working pressure is 0.6-1.5Mpa, and the air consumption is 1000-1500L/min. It is suitable for flammable and explosive hazardous work places.

Groove Type: V type, Y type, compound type, compound U type, J type.


Bevel tools

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Technical Parameters

Model Available Dia. (mm) Groove Thickness (mm) Cutter Speed (rpm)
IDP-30 d15-D28 ≤6 75
IDP-80 d28-D89 ≤15 48
IDP-120 d40-D120 ≤15 39
IDP-159 d60-D168 ≤15 36
IDP-219 d65-D219 ≤15 16
IDP-252 d80-D273 ≤15 16
IDP-352 d150-D377 ≤15 14
IDP-426 d273-D457 ≤15 12
IDP-630 d300-D630 ≤15 9

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