What is Welding Procedure Qualification



Welding Procedure Qualification (Welding Procedure Qualification, referred to as WPQ) is the test process and result evaluation for verifying the correctness of the proposed weldment welding procedure.

Welding procedure qualification is an important measure to ensure quality and provides a reliable basis for the formal formulation of welding procedure instructions or welding procedure cards.

I. Purpose

1. Evaluate whether the welding unit has the ability to weld joints that meet the requirements of relevant national or industry standards and technical specifications;

2. Verify that the welding procedure specification (WPS or WPS) drawn up by the welding unit is correct.

3. Provide a reliable technical basis for the formulation of formal welding process instructions or welding process cards.

II. Significance

The welding process is an important measure to ensure the quality of welding. It can confirm the correctness and rationality of the welding process guidelines prepared for various welded joints. Through welding procedure qualification, inspect whether the performance of welded joints welded according to the draft welding procedure instruction book meets the design requirements, and provides a reliable basis for the formal formulation of the welding procedure instruction book or welding procedure card.

III. Scope of application

1. It is suitable for the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of steel equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, bridges, ships, spacecraft, nuclear energy, and load-bearing steel structures.

2. Suitable for welding methods such as gas welding, electrode arc welding, argon tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, plasma arc welding, and electro slag welding.

IV. Process

1. Welding procedure qualification

2. Propose items for welding procedure qualification

3. Draft welding process plan

4. Welding procedure qualification test

5. Preparation of welding procedure qualification report

6. Compilation of welding procedure specifications (work instructions for process cards and process cards)

V. Evaluation process

1. Draft the preliminary Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

2. Welding test pieces and sample preparation

3. Test specimens and samples

4. Determine whether the welded joint meets the performance required by the standard

5. Submit a welding procedure qualification report to assess the proposed welding procedure instruction

VI. Evaluation standards

Standard Chinese standards for process evaluation

1 NB/T47014-2011 "Qualification of welding procedures for pressure equipment"

2 GB5023698 "Field Equipment, Industrial Pipeline Welding Engineering Construction and Pressure Pipeline Process Evaluation"

3 "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations (1996)" Note: This standard is used for process evaluation in the lifting industry

4 SY∕T0452-2002 "Petroleum and Gas Pipeline Welding Process Qualification Method" (Note: for petroleum and chemical process qualification)

5 GB50661-2001 "Specification for Welding of Steel Structures" (Note: Refer to the implementation of the process evaluation of highway bridges)

6 SY∕T41032006 "Steel Pipe Welding and Acceptance"

7. JB4708-2000 "Qualification of Welding Procedures for Steel Pressure Vessels".

European standards

EN 288 or ISO 15607-ISO 15614 series standards

ISO15614-1 Arc welding and gas welding of steel / Arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys

ISO15614-2 Arc welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys

ISO15614-3 cast iron arc

Repair welding of ISO15614-4 cast aluminum

ISO15614-5 Arc welding of titanium and titanium alloys/arc welding of zirconium and zirconium alloys

ISO15614-6 Arc welding of copper and copper alloys

ISO15614-7 surfacing welding

Welding of ISO15614-8 pipe joints and tube plate joints

American standard


D1.1∕D1.1M:2005 Steel structure welding specification

D1.2∕D1.2M: 2003 welding procedure for aluminum structures

D1.3-98 Welding specification for thin steel structure

D1.5∕D1.5M:2002 bridge welding

D1.6:1999 Stainless steel welding

D14.3∕D14.3M:2005 Crane Welding Regulations

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